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10 Proven Strategies to PROMOTE music – A TO Z

10 proven strategies to PROMOTE music provides the complete promotion mix of strategies for musicians. Then watch: https://youtu.be/odZH2mBFOZw

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1. How to Write a Bio for My Band: https://youtu.be/5GHki5J9BDQ

2. How to Cover Songs Legally https://youtu.be/gLfeGE6-2sc

3. How to Write SMART Music GOALS https://youtu.be/k73kuBmP0Mw

4. How to Protect Your Song Copyrights https://youtu.be/nOzaQUxwuFo

5. Build a Music Following Fast – 50 Videos in 1 https://youtu.be/odZH2mBFOZw

6. REAL Music Marketing Starts Here https://youtu.be/uQMzrZKV49g

7. How to Get a MAJOR Music PUBLISHING DEAL https://youtu.be/i6WsihNGigo

10 proven strategies to PROMOTE music

0:10 Music Promotion Defined
0:39 Publicity to Promote Music
0:21 Paid Advertising to Promote Music
1:47 Internet to Promote Music
2:26 Guerrilla Marketing
3:02m Word of Mouth Promotion
3:49 Radio Promotion
4:25 Sponsorships
5:02 Direct Marketing
5:36 Face To Face Selling to Promote Music
6:29 Extra Infor On Music Promotion
6:45 Out on Music Promotion


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