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4 Best Music Marketing Ideas For Independent Artists | Content Marketing

4 Best Music Marketing Ideas For Independent Artists | Content Marketing

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Every DIY Musician needs a content marketing strategy.

Knowing how to effectively use digital marketing is a necessity if you want to know how to build a music brand.

You music business education doesn’t just stop with knowing reading all you need to know about the music business, you need to understand social media marketing and content marketing at a high level.

What is content marketing?

The simplest answer is when your social media content is working for you to bring in customers and fans.

Content marketing 2021 is a red hot space and can be extremely lucrative for someone who wants to invest time into a real video marketing strategy.

I’ve tried a number of growth marketing and instagram marketing tactics, and I complied a list of the 4 best music marketing ideas for independent artists.

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Figuring out how to promote your music can be a daunting task.

When I was starting off in my music marketing journey, I just wanted to find a music marketing channel on YouTube that focused digital music marketing strategies.

Once I charted #1 on iTunes, I knew I cracked the code for how to market my music online.

I wanted to share this Music Biz 101 information thought my platform, Group 82.

The DIY music biz has exploded since the streaming era took off and everyone makes it seem like the music business is made easy.

It’s not, but this channel gives you real music promotion strategies that work.

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