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5 Hip-Hop Vocal Mixing Tricks from Paul “Willie Green” Womack!

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➡️➡️Learn more about these 5 mixing tricks for hip-hop vocals here: https://producelikeapro.com/blog/5-hip-hop-vocal-mixing-tricks-from-paul-willie-green-womack/ 1.  The Pan Pot is Your Friend When it comes to getting your dubs and your ad libs to ring out of your mix, the pan pot is your friend. Instead of masking those background vocals right behind your lead like that, you can use the pan and just nudge them a little bit, even just two or three degrees to the left or to the right and they’re going to peek out and have their own space in your mix. Now all of a sudden, instead of being hidden behind that lead, they’ve got their own space to breathe and they’re going to ring out that much more. 2. Saturation on Your Vocal A little bit of tube saturation on your vocal can give it a nice, full, warm sound and give a little weight and importance to it. If you’ve got a really harsh, shrill sounding vocal and you want to ease or smooth that out, a little tape saturation will start to smooth out some of those rough edges. I don’t mean completely trash it out, but just enough to smooth it, and that will also add that weight and keep your vocal hanging right there. Now if you need to go further, if you want a special effect vocal, go ahead and trash that thing! 3. Delay Instead of Reverb Reverb, stylistically, is not really used that often on rap vocals. Although that is starting to change a little bit with the melodic stuff that people are doing. But as far as on a straight ahead rap, you don’t often hear a lot of reverb on it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need space around out vocal. We don’t live in an anechoic chamber, every room that you’re in has some kind of reverb in it and so it feels unnatural to have a completely dry vocal in that way. So what I like to do, instead of putting a lot of reverb that doesn’t really fit in a record, is take a little bit of a slap delay – a 16th note or shorter, and I’ll send my vocal to that, and I’ll blend it low. 4. Most Important Thing in Your Record is Your Vocal If there is a vocal in your record, the most important thing in that record is your vocal. You may have your drums knocking, your bass is rumbling, maybe you found the greatest sample of all time, but if those things are covering up your vocal, so they can’t hear the raps, you need to make some concessions. 5. Be Thoughtful With Your Compression You don’t have to compress everything in your mix just to compress everything, and you don’t have to squash the heck out of your vocals because somebody like me told you to on the Internet. Make sure you use your ears, and you want to compress and keep a consistent vocal and you want to be able to hold that right up front where you want it, but when it is oversquashed, you’re taking the life out of it. So first, look at that wet/dry knob, or if you’re working in parallel, how much you’re bringing up that parallel compression, and you want to be able to hold that vocal very consistently right up front, but also keep some dynamics because that’s the forgotten part about flow. It’s not just rhythm, it's also how you dip in and out of those words. ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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