Albums You Need To Know: John Martyn - Solid Air -

Albums You Need To Know: John Martyn – Solid Air

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➡️➡️Watch our other Songs, Artists, and Albums That Changed Music videos here: By the early seventies, John Martyn had already begun to showcase his remarkable fusion of electronic and acoustic instrumentation, alongside captivating folk-rock songwriting. But it was his 1973 album Solid Air, which truly showcased the singular sound he had created, bringing together some of the best musicians of the British folk-rock scene to create an album unlike any other. As a young musician in the folk scene, Martyn created his own signature sound by playing an acoustic guitar through a phase shifter and Echoplex. You can hear this sound on his 1970 Stormbringer! Album. Martyn credited the use of the Echoplex to the inspiration of saxophonist Pharaoh Sanders saying: “The only reason I bought the echoplex was to try and imitate Sanders’ sustain on my guitar.” In 1971, Island records decided to focus their attention on Martyn as a solo artist rather than a duo with Beverly, and this brought about his third solo album, Bless the Weather, which really showcases Martyn’s echoplex sound on the track “Glistening Glyndebourne” This album brough Martyn increased attention and positive reviews. Zig Zag magazine wrote in 1974: ‘Without elaborating on Bless The Weather too much, let me say that it is a fabulous album, quite definitely one of the very best of 1971, and one which you should spare no amount of trouble over to possess.” In late 1972, Martyn was back in the studio working on what would become one of his most remarkable and timeless albums — Solid Air Solid Air was recorded in Studio one at Island’s Basing Street studios in London in November and December of 1972. Additional work was done at Sound Techniques, in Chelsea, London. In addition to his phenomenal vocals, Martyn plays acoustic and electric guitar on the album and keyboard on the song “The Easy Blues.” He also self-produced the album. Solid Air was released in February of 1973 to positive reviews. A contemporary review in Sounds magazine described the album saying “it flows beautifully” and “shows the entire spectrum of music that John Martyn has at his fingertips” It concluded by calling Martyn “one of the most important innovators” of his time. In the decades since its release it has remained an iconic album in the British folk-rock scene of the seventies. AllMusic more recently declared that “audacious, hypnotic and groundbreaking only begins to describe Martyn’s still unique combination of folk, jazz, blues and space rock, wrapped around riveting, unforgettable melodies.” Q magazine named it the 67th best British album ever. Its singular sound has captivated music lovers for decades and it remains one of British folk-rock’s most important albums of all time. Written by Caitlin Vaughn Carlos ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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