Are Your Beats Unoriginal? + How to Get Signed to a Label (MEC Podcast 159)

July 11, 2022
Are Your Beats Unoriginal? + How to Get Signed to a Label (MEC Podcast 159) 2

Are your beats unoriginal? Do unoriginal beats sell well online because rappers are making unoriginal sounding music? Let's talk originality in the music business. Also, Dame is running a record label once again. How can artists actually get signed to labels and what should they NOT do when trying to get signed? Get my new drum kit: #sellingbeatsonline #beatselling #musicbusiness #podcast 00:00 – Intro
03:02 – Mariah Carey Gets Sued
10:21 – You Can Get Sued Over a Song Name?
16:10 – Dame is Running a Label Again
17:03 – Why You're Not Getting Signed
22:53 – Original Music Is Better Than Good Music
26:31 – Your Beats Aren't Original But Here's How to Fix That
29:54 – How to Move With a Team as an Artists
32:03 – How to Get Signed
37:22 – Most Artists's Teams Aren't Winning Because of This
41:41 – Teams Matter
49:08 – You're Going to Sign a Bad Deal Source

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