“Backstage” with DJ Jazzy Jeff & MC Lyte | Presented by Cadillac

August 10, 2023
"Backstage" with DJ Jazzy Jeff & MC Lyte | Presented by Cadillac 2

MC Lyte joins DJ Jazzy Jeff to break down one of her most iconic records, "Paper Thin." Released in 1988 off her debut studio album Lyte As a Rock, "Paper Thin" is hailed as one of the best rap records of all time and helped paved the way for future generations of female MCs. Watch BACKSTAGE Presented by @Cadillac to learn more about how "Paper Thin" came to be and whatever happened to the famous Sam. Watch Episode 1 featuring @Big Boi here: https://youtu.be/xDv0c2FClXs Learn more about the #ESCALADEIQ at https://Cadillac.com/ESCALADE-IQ #cadillac #Belconic #ad" Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNlzyH3pOuE

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