Basic Music Marketing

June 16, 2021
Basic Music Marketing 2

Are you afraid of music marketing? Spooked by promoting your music? This video will teach you basic music marketing, and give you actionable tasks you can complete for your next single release. Often people seem to think that great music sells itself, and that great results come from ‘getting discovered’. The sad truth is that this is not the case, and if you try this method you will always be disappointed. Marketing your music is an incredibly important part of your release, and at least 80% of your budget for a release should be allocated towards marketing (ooo spooky).

Most of this lesson covers organic music marketing techniques that are 100% free. The simple act of planning your release schedule, and preparing content to release on key dates will drastically improve your results – especially if you keep this up over the course of months or years! Once you figure this aspect out, you can proceed to utilizing Facebook ads for music marketing. This is called direct marketing, and is an incredibly reliable way to create new fans. Another aspect of this is playlist pitching or playlist promotion – which can be a hit or miss, but can result in thousands or millions of streams!

Make sure to comment below what future music marketing topics you want me to cover! I’ve invested a lot of time and money into learning what I know, and I want to help you skip the learning curve.


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