Beat Battle 🎹 West Coast / East Coast Beats |👉 Hazword Vs Jokey Ent #beatbattle

January 19, 2023
Beat Battle 🎹 West Coast / East Coast Beats |👉 Hazword Vs Jokey Ent #beatbattle 2

This is a #BeatBattle2023 Between Hazword Vs Jokeny Ent on If you would like to beat battle like this east and west coast type beat battle then click the link below to get started. 🎹Sell Beats Here 👉
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💻 Sub My Channel 👉: A beat battle is a competition in which music producers compete against each other by creating beats using various production software, samples and live instruments. The beats are typically played for a panel of judges and a live audience, who then vote for the winner of the battle. The format of a beat battle can vary, but it is often structured as a tournament-style competition with multiple rounds, where producers are eliminated until a winner is determined. #typebeat2023 #eastcoastinstrumental #beatbattle Source

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