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Belly Talks Almost Retiring, Life Lessons, Nas & Hov Co-Signs, Early Parties w/ The Weeknd & More

Timecodes – 1:00 – Belly manifested a JAY Z Co-sign
3:55 – Belly learning to rap and finding his sound from the greats
6:00 – Belly’s most emotional song?
6:30 – 7:30 – Why Loyalty is so important for Belly 7:30 – Belly on Having good people around him
8:10 – Music being Belly’s therapy
10:10 – Belly’s early success in Canada
12:00 – Belly talks about taking a step back from the limelight and re-aligning with his passion
12:30 – Darkest moments and bouncing back
10:15 – “sometimes you leave just to see if you miss it then you come back”
11:00 – Belly talks about needing to be passionate about music
15:00 – Belly’s life motto – “get better everyday”
15:30 – does Belly believe in reincarnation? Belly talks about spirituality
17:00 – partying with The Weeknd
17:45 – “we didn’t know that in that moment we were gonna clique up and make history”
18:00 – On seeing the greatness in The Weeknd
19:00 – The Weeknd’s pen is the coldest
20:00 – Belly on JAY-Z being the bar for lyricism
21:30 – “three weeks before, I said Hov is gonna hear this”
22:00 – How Belly Manifested JAY-Z Listening To His Music
23:00 – Belly on the importance of his mental health
24:00 – Belly talks about getting Nas on a song
25:00 – Belly still wants a verse from Andre 3000
26:30 – Diddy and Diddy calling him after his LA Leakers Freestyle
28:00 – only wanting to release music when he knows his fans will like it
29:00 – Belly talks about Karma and his soul being pure
31:40 – Belly Almost Retired Belly speaks about Jay Z, Diddy, Nas, The Weeknd listening to his music and how much went into that moment. Video Edited By: Sage Velastegui Research & Interview Conducted By:
Jeremy Hecht Shot By: Jordan Saint-Pierre… & Joshua Wexler… Talent Booking:
Dan Resnick Executive Producer: Sharath Cherian Subscribe to HipHopDX on Youtube for daily Hip Hop News: Check out more of DX here on social media: #Belly #JayZ #Nas Source

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