CyHi The Prynce Talks MBDTF, Jeezy Not Showing Up To Signing Meeting, Kanye Stories & Kendrick Album

June 11, 2022
CyHi The Prynce Talks MBDTF, Jeezy Not Showing Up To Signing Meeting, Kanye Stories & Kendrick Album 2

0:00 – CyHi The Prynce Interview
1:00 – CyHi The Prynce explains his rap name
2:00 – CyHi has always known he’s been chosen and being an Irish twin
3:00 – CyHi Tha Prynce talks about God and his beliefs
4:00 – How CyHi manifested his record deal with Akon
4:30 – CyHi manifested his song with Kanye West and Jay Z
5:00 – How Beyoncé and Jay Z are responsible for CyHi’s appearance on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
6:00 – Cyhi discusses his early rap group Hoodlem
7:00 – LA Reid Signed CyHi on two separate times
8:00 – CyHi The Prynce paid $100,000 To buy himself out of his deal
9:00 – Why CyHi turned down a chain from Akon when he signed to Konvict
11:00 – CyHi lists the artists that made him want to really rap
12:00 – CyHi confirms Akon was really from the streets
13:00 – Kanye posted CyHi on his Tumblr and flew him out to Hawaii while he was getting evicted
14:00 – CyHi didn’t realize how big of an artist Kanye West was until MBDTF dropped
15:00 – CyHi shaved his braids for his label meeting with Jeezy… and Jeezy didn’t show up
16:00 – CyHi describes the first studio session in Hawaii for MBDTF
18:00 – How CyHi snuck his verse on “So Appalled”
19:00 – CyHi Was Shocked Watching Nicki rewrite and record her verse for Monster
20:00 – CyHi recalls hearing Rick Ross’ finished verse on Devil In The New Dress after his re-writes
21:00 – CyHi recalls watching All of The Lights be recorded
22:00 – Kobe Bryant Was In The Studio Listening To Kanye’s MBDTF
23:00 – CyHi reflects on GOOD Fridays and those songs were the first time recording in a real studio
25:00 – CyHi reacts to hearing J. Cole’s verse on “Looking For Trouble”
26:00 – CyHi recalls his legendary XXL Freshman Class With Kendrick, Lil B, Mac Miller & More
28:00 – CyHi Says Mac Miller was the most humble guy and recalled Mac wanting to produce for him
29:00 – Kendrick took the XXL Freshman shoot extremely seriously according to CyHi “He didn’t talk to anybody:
30:00 – CyHi recalls meeting TDE and listening to their early music
CyHi reacts to Kendrick Lamar’s new album “So Forward Thinking”
33:00 – CyHi explains why he loves Kodak Black
34:00 – CyHi recalls Watch The Throne studio sessions
35:00 – CyHi gives Kanye West his flowers “one of the most special human beings”
36:00 – CyHi describes the “eeriest” thing about Kanye West’s “Jeen-Yuhs” doc
CyHi Lists The Greatest Thing Kanye West has ever done
38:00 – CyHi explains Kanye West’s leaked “Life of Party” verse “Sicko Mode” line
39:00 – CyHi explains the process of “ghostwriting”
40:00 – Kanye West and Travis Scott are “too rich to write raps” According To CyHi Tha Prynce (Jokes)
42:00 – CyHi reflects on his life and new appreciation for everything in his life
44:00 – CyHi didn’t realize that people really appreciated his music
45:00 – CyHi’s Tha Prynce’s lesson about being nice to everyone CyHi spoke to us and reflecteed on his whole career in this interview. Research & Interview Conducted By: Jeremy Hecht ( @jeremy_hecht) Video Edit By: Sage Velastegui Video Shot By: Alex Vasallo Video Shot & Additional Research By:
Mahib Balde ( @Organized Sound ) Additional Research By:
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