Don’t Sell Beats Over The Phone

September 11, 2023
Don't Sell Beats Over The Phone 2

I don't sell beats over the phone and here's why– Erinn and I talk paper trails, misunderstanding about beat leases vs exclusives, and more. Plus, Diddy is apparently giving back former Bad Boy artists their publishing. What does this mean? How much is it worth? Why is the media at fault for writing unclear articles about the music business? #diddy #makingbeats #beatmaking #beatstars 00:00 – Intro
04:29 – Diddy Gives Back Publishing to Bad Boy Artists
05:57 – The Media Needs to Do Better
09:27 – Did Diddy Rob Ma$e?
11:03 – Why Do Artists Sign Bad Deals?
17:02 – Notorious Big's Publishing is BIG
21:27 – Rappers Should Show Their Contracts
26:48 – Artists Don't Care About Their Business
30:44 – The Ego of Bad Deals
32:39 – How to Change the Music Business
37:59 – Don't Sell Beats Over the Phone
38:17 – Unlimited Beats VS Exclusive Beats
41:28 – Producers Are Greedy For Selling Leases
43:05 – Erinn's Argument With Artists
45:47 – Ask Companies for MORE MONEY
47:03 – You Don't Respect Us If…
50:32 – Erinn's Free Game Source

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