EXACTLY How to Get 4000 Hours of Watch Time on YouTube (YouTube Monetization)

June 22, 2021
EXACTLY How to Get 4000 Hours of Watch Time on YouTube (YouTube Monetization) 2

How to Get 4000 Hours of Watch Time and Get Monetized on YouTube. If you want to Get Monetized and Start Making Money on YouTube You'll Want to Watch This Video on the EXACT Strategy that will get you 4000 Watch Time Hours. SPONSORED BY STREAM YARD (Get it FREE today!)
https://robertoblake.com/go/streamyard In order to Get Monetized on YouTube and Start Earning from YPP the YouTube Partner Program, you need to Get 4000 Hours of Watch Time, 1000 Subscribers, Have your channel for more than 30 Days and not violate any of the terms of service. Then you have to be approved by YouTube to Get Monetized and Join the YouTube Partner Program and earn with YouTube Adsense. This Video Gives You an EXACT method for getting 4000 Hours of Watch Time on YouTube.
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08:29 Live Streaming Strategy
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