Exposing Producer Contracts – This Will Surprise You

September 2, 2023
Exposing Producer Contracts - This Will Surprise You 2

When you sell a beat to a major label, they send a confusing and long contract. Are you getting royalties for your beat? Are you giving up all your rights to the beat? Do you have to pay the advance back to the label? These are all questions I answer in this video by showing you real label contracts I have signed. #sellingbeatsonline #beatstars #beatselling #2023 #howtosellbeats 00:00 – Scary Producer Contracts
01:29 – Producer Contract With Interscope
02:24 – Producers, Worry About THIS
02:56 – Work For Hire– Is This Bad?!
03:58 – Publishing and Writer's Shares– GET THESE
04:44 – Royalty Rate Problems
06:32 – Do You Pay Advances Back to Labels?
09:56 – Recoupment Isn't Fair
12:05 – Sound Exchange LODs
13:23 – Don't Blow Your Advance Selling beats online 2023 Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0GXVtnT2jo

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