[FREE] Drake RNB Type Beat WITH HOOK “For You” OPEN VERSE 2023

January 16, 2023
[FREE] Drake RNB Type Beat WITH HOOK "For You" OPEN VERSE 2023 2

🔹 Buy (WITH HOOK): https://bsta.rs/3ffcb8e58
🔹 Buy (BEAT ONLY): https://bsta.rs/1e067c7f6
🔸 Drum Kit I Use In All My Beats: https://bsta.rs/2d8fe10b
[FREE] Drake RNB Type Beat WITH HOOK "For You" OPEN VERSE 2023
DistroKid: ayywalkerbeats@gmail.com
📧Email: ayywalkerbeats@gmail.com Vocalist: @ve__lour FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
Q: Can I sing/rap the hook with my own voice? A: Yes, however, the original artist who created the hook is owed a credit. they do not specifically need to be added as a feature. We recommend you just buy the beat without the hook in this case and use your voice for the hook. Q: How do I credit the artist who made the hook? A: Usually the artist's name is in the description of this video, if you find their name above, simply just copy and paste the name provided into your music distribution platform. Q: Which lease includes the VOCALS in their own file? A: The Unlimited + Stem Lease. Q: When I buy a beat or beat with hook, does it come untagged?
A: Yes, all leases provide the untagged version of the beat or beat with hook Q: What if I want a custom beat with hook exclusively made for me that no one else has ever heard?
A: email ayywalkerbeats@gmail.com and we can get you a quote. (Typically ranging from $400-$1000) IGNORE TAGS:
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