[FREE] Drumline Type Beat 2022 | “Pep Rally” | Prod by Tone Jonez

March 22, 2022
[FREE] Drumline Type Beat 2022 | "Pep Rally" | Prod by Tone Jonez 2

[FREE] Drumline Type Beat 2022 | "Pep Rally" 💰 Purchase/DL this Beat ► https://air.bi/qKmV5
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Free download of this beat is for NON PROFIT USE ONLY. These are only meant for you to write to/test drive the beats in the studio and see if they are a great fit for your creative vision. Non-Profit downloads can’t be uploaded to distribution platforms (Tunecore/Distrokid/etc), streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, etc), or any other platform for profit. Songs made with Non-Profit downloads can be uploaded to Youtube but you cannot monetize videos including Non-Profit downloads. Also uploading songs made with Non-Profit beats to Youtube will automatically generate Content ID claims from Airbit. These are mandatory for Non-Profit beat use but won’t harm your channel in any way. To get claims removed, you must purchase a commercial license for the beat(s) at http://www.tonejonez.com. Once you’ve purchased a license, contact [email protected] for claims removal. Enjoy! This Instrumental is composed with over 20+ years of musicianship experience, high quality sound libraries, hardware, and effects! We're Grammy-Nominated for a reason! Enjoy over 400 original high quality instrumentals at http://www.tonejonez.com! [FREE] Drumline Type Beat 2022 | "Pep Rally" | Prod by Tone Jonez
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———————————————– Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5q63shW0Jo

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