Getting Beats Rejected, Selling Beats, Making a Beat Live

June 11, 2022
Getting Beats Rejected, Selling Beats, Making a Beat Live 2

If you're selling beats, chances are you're used to getting your beats rejected. Ricky P shares a story about Wiz Khalifa rejecting a beat, but with a surprise ending. Ricky P also makes beats live with user submitted loops and shares his FL Studio shortcuts and secrets. Watch the full video on Text MEC to (844) 206-7800 to join our next live session #sellingbeatsonline #beatstars #beatselling 00:00 – Intro
00:44 – Publishing Deals and Beat Collabs
04:12 – Paying for Beat Submissions
06:36 – Getting Beat Placements in 2022
08:57 – Listening to Samples
09:57 – Best FL Studio Presets 17:58 – Trap Drum Template Ideas
26:08 – Formatting Beats
38:37 – Making a Soulful Beat
44:34 – Bassline Mixing
56:00 – Getting Beats Rejected Source

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