Hit Boy & Dom Kennedy Reflect On Career, Studio Sessions w Nas & Nipsey Hussle Inspiration

June 12, 2021
Hit Boy & Dom Kennedy Reflect On Career, Studio Sessions w Nas & Nipsey Hussle Inspiration 2

Timecodes: 1:00 – Hit Boy & Dom Kennedy talk about meeting each other for the first time
3:00 – Dom Kennedy explains why Hit Boy’s music sounds so good
4:00 – Hit Boy describes why he respected Dom Kennedy’s rapping
4:30 – Hit Boy & Dom Kennedy explain when they first broke into the music industry
5:00 – Dom talks about deciding to be a rapper and a CEO
6:00 – Hit Boy recalls how Myspace gave him his first opportunity
7:30 – Dom talks about meeting Nipsey Hussle for the first time
Dom and Hit Boy Recall Best Nipsey Hussle Moments Together
11:30 – Hit Boy recalls working on Jay Electronica and Jay Z’s Written Testimony
12:30 – Dom reflects on dropping Westside With Love 2
14:30 – Dom Kennedy learned about branding from Mercedes Benz
16:00 – Hit Boy says his Grammy’s inspire people in the studio
16:45 – Hit Boy recalls Jay Z & Kanye West Playing “N**as in Paris” 14 Times Straight
17:40 – Hit Boy remembers people turning down the “N**as in Paris” beat
19:00 – Dom Kennedy talks about him and Nipsey Hussle Dropping Crenshaw and Get Home Safely in the same month
21:00 – Hit Boy talks about working with Kendrick Lamar on Good Kid Maad City
22:00 – “Backseat Freestyle” Was Originally A Ciara R&B Song Before Kendrick got on it
24:00 – Dom Kennedy & Hit Boy talk about working on Detroit 2 with Big Sean
26:00 – the craziest studio sessions at Hit Boys studios
Dom Kennedy talks about 03 Greedo inspiring him to rap
29:00 – Nas asks for everyone’s opinion in the studio
Nas in the studio
32:00 – Dom Kennedy and Hit Boy Name Their Top 3 LA Rappers Of All Time
33:00 – Hit Boy says Kendrick had the best verse on 1Train
34:00 – Dom Kennedy says Big Sean has the best verse on Clique
Clique was originally recorded on Dom Kennedy’s CDC Beat
35:00 – Dom Kennedy and Hit Boy pick their favorite beat/ verse from each other
37:00 – Dom Kennedy and Hit Boy show love to Don Toliver
38:00 – Hit Boy talks about influencing Playboi Carti
39:00 – Hit Boy and Dom Kennedy talk about what they’re excited about for the future Hit Boy & Dom Kennedy Interview with HipHopDX Video Edited By: Sage Velastegui
https://www.instagram.com/sage.ve/ Research & Interview Conducted By:
Jeremy Hecht
https://www.instagram.com/jeremy_hecht/ Shot By: Jordan Saint-Pierre
https://www.instagram.com/jordansaintpierre/ & Nathan Girard
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