How Rappers/Artists use Twitter for Music Marketing -

How Rappers/Artists use Twitter for Music Marketing

Twitter is an underrated social media platform for growing a musical audience. It is probably the hardest one to crack, that’s why it can be easy for an artist not to focus on it that much. Twitter allows you to reach a much larger audience than your fan base. The “retweet” is the best thing for you, because if someone retweets you, it essentially has the post on two different accounts. It’s important to make content that people actually want to follow on twitter. Post things that are relatable, don’t only tweet about your music. If by chance your tweet does go viral, make sure you promote under that viral tweet because those the tweets that will be visible underneath will be YOUR tweets. For your music videos, post just a snippet of your video and reply to the tweet with the link, but never post just a link.

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