How To Be A Credible 'Old School' Producer and Engineer - FAQ Friday -

How To Be A Credible ‘Old School’ Producer and Engineer – FAQ Friday

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0:16 Guitar of the Week
5:02 How do you record a band where the guitar relies heavily on stereo effects and pedals?
9:39 How to be a credible producer and engineer when you like to focus on old school ecological production? Today we have another exciting FAQ Friday video where, as the featured question, I will be answering "How to be a credible producer and engineer when you like to focus on old school ecological production?" This is a question that I think about all the time! I recently did a demo of Audient’s iD14 where I didn’t edit a single thing from the recording. I made records at the tail end of tape, and you couldn’t cut individual tracks on tape and move them around, but what you could do is punch in and fix. That’s the way records were made. Now, you can record it twice and move things around that were out of time. For the Audient performance, I was worried that it would sound sloppy since it was unedited, but what I found was that the performance outweighed the need for it to be technically perfect. The quality of the song itself will always outweigh the technicalities. The fallacy that all music, and pop music especially, has to be gridy and perfect is no longer the case, and Olivia Rodrigo is a perfect example of this. There is a place in pop, folk, and all music where you’ll be able to record things simply and inherently capture great performances. There is nothing more compelling then raw musical performances, even in film and television. It is not just all about Spotify and the Top 40 Charts. In the 1960’s, the charts weren’t just the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Kinks, etc. there was plenty of other stuff in between that when we look back now, it all doesn’t sound amazing. There are many musicians out there that may not be household names, but they are getting placements in TV, they are selling out shows, etc. The mainstream is a lot more varied so there is no need to worry that there won’t be a spot for ‘old school’ producing in today’s music industry. ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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