March 12, 2023

How to Become a Full-time Content Creator and the Business Side of the Creator Economy. This Step by Step Guide will Breakdown what It takes to be a full-time content creator on social media or make YouTube, Podcasting or Live Streaming Your full-time job. 📚 BUY MY NEW BOOK FOR CREATORS: 🚀 Youtube Starter Kit – $20 DISCOUNT CODE: 20OFF 🤑 Brand Deals Starter Kit – 🍿 WATCH THESE NEXT Exactly How to Get Monetized on YouTube – How to Sell Tshirts Online – Best Paying Niches on YouTube – How I Started Freelancing – Make Money Online Playlist – JOIN AWESOME CREATOR ACADEMY 🚀 My Weekly Group Coaching – REQUEST A 30-MINUTE YOUTUBE CHANNEL REVIEW 🗓 Want to create live streams like this? Check out StreamYard: BECOME A FULL-TIME CONTENT CREATOR STEP BY STEP GUIDE
1. Define your niche and audience: Identify the area you're passionate about and your target audience. This helps you create content that resonates with your audience.
2. Develop a content plan: Create a calendar outlining your content ideas and publishing schedule. This helps you stay consistent and avoid burnout.
3. Choose your platform: Decide which platform(s) you want to focus on based on your niche and audience. You'll need to invest in equipment like a good camera or microphone for YouTube and podcasting, while online writing requires a blog or website.
4. Create high-quality content: Whether it's a video, podcast, article, or live stream, aim for high-quality content that provides value to your audience.
5. Promote your content: Share your content on social media, email newsletters, and other channels to expand your reach and attract new viewers or readers.
6. Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and messages, ask for feedback, and create content that addresses your audience's questions and interests.
7. Build your email list: Collect email addresses from your audience to keep them engaged and informed about your latest content.
8. Collaborate with other creators: Work with other creators in your niche to expand your audience and build relationships.
9. Monetize your content: Explore revenue streams such as sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, and paid memberships.
10. Track your progress: Use analytics to measure the success of your content and adjust your strategies accordingly.
11. Seek feedback and mentorship: Get feedback from your audience and seek mentorship from experienced creators to improve your content and grow your business.
12. Commit to your vision: Becoming a full-time content creator takes time and effort, so stay committed to your vision and keep pushing forward even when faced with challenges. TIMESTAMPS
00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:55 My Lifetime YouTube Adsense Earnings
00:07:44 Revenue from 5 Years of Coaching
00:13:51 Best Explanation of Being a Creator
00:18:59 What % of Creators Make a Full-time Living?
00:29:46 8 Skills You Need to Be a Creator
00:38:58 Data From Making 1600 YouTube Videos
00:41:51 Data on My First 3 Years On YouTube 00:55:19 YouTube Shorts Vs Long Form
00:57:54 Advice to Hobby Creators
01:07:12 How to Read Audience Analytics
01:12:22 What Camera Gear You Need to Be a YouTuber
01:17:36 More Data
01:24:52 CPM and RPM Rates
01:34:51 Diversify Revenue Streams
01:39:41 How to Use MidJourney if You're Bad at YouTube Thumbnails
01:44:28 YouTube vs Mainstream Media
01:50:00 My Top 50 Videos are Worth 200K Subs
01:57:07 Don't Let Your Career Take Over Your Life
02:04:04 Showing You My Media Kit for Sponsors
02:06:59 Breaking Down My $300K a Year Income
02:19:50 Advice for Music Channels
02:24:23 My "Unfair Advantage" Starting YouTube at 28 02:28:29 YouTube Shorts Pay Very Little
02:35:15 Advice on Getting Sponsors
02:48:52 Podcast Dominate on YouTube
02:56:48 Be Platform Agnostic
03:00:58 How I Went From Freelancer to Full-time Content Creator Source

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