How To Build A Network In The Music Industry? FAQ Friday -

How To Build A Network In The Music Industry? FAQ Friday

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19:47 Can perfect pitch be a hindrance? How do I build a network in the music industry? This is a question that I get asked a lot! Getting yourself into a good community and finding other people to work with is so important. Working online has completely changed the business because now there are no barriers to entry. If it’s a singer you’re working with and your building tracks, working from online, you don’t have to impress them with a fancy studio and equipment you just have to impress them with the work you can do. Even at my studio I use a lot of inexpensive gear, including the Audient iD44, the Lewitt 340, and more. My point is, it doesn’t have to be expensive equipment, it is all about creativity. With the amazing plugins and everything that are available today, there is no excuse as to why someone wouldn’t be able to make great music without completely breaking the budget. Building a network in the music industry is about building relationships and being good to people, responding to their emails, and being able to sell yourself without selling yourself. What I mean by this is care about the person; for example, when someone sends you a song to listen to it, listen to it and come up with some constructive advice and compliments. Something as simple as this can make the artist feel important and help with relationship building. You also want to look at your local area. Go see local bands and offer to mix one of their songs for free, and if they like it then you can work out a deal to mix the rest of their songs, their album, etc. Get yourself out there! There are many famous mixers and producers who will say never work for free, but I worked for free on many occasions; I would never starve myself because I always made sure there was a balance of free work for exposure and paid work that would help pay the bills. As you do more work, you will need to do the free stuff less and less because you will slowly be building your network through this. I have gotten so many emails from people worried they won’t be able to break into the industry and they won’t be able to connect with people and build something because of this massive barrier to entry; the great thing about Rock n’ Roll is that when it comes to creativity, there are no barriers to entry so you just need to work hard and commit yourself! ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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