How to Grow a SUCCESSFUL YouTube Channel – Become a Full-time Content Creator

April 16, 2023
How to Grow a SUCCESSFUL YouTube Channel - Become a Full-time Content Creator 2

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:21 Hobby Creator vs. Career Creator
00:17:39 Bordem Destroys YouTube Channels and Careers
00:24:13 When Should You Start a Second YouTube Channel?
00:30:09 Writers "Kill their Darlings."
00:40:09 How to Develop a Content Strategy
00:50:14 How this YouTuber Got 700K Subscribers
00:54:11 The ECONOMICS of Small YouTube Channels
01:05:26 Advice for Content Creators in the TRADES
01:09:42 How this YouTuber Got 600K Subscribers
01:16:46 How YouTube Advice ACTUALLY Works
01:28:45 How to Put the Audience First
01:35:23 Advice for Self-Improvement Channels
01:41:37 How this YouTuber Got 800K subscribers
01:50:57 Ways to Make Money as an Entertainment Channel
02:01:06 Advice on Contracts
02:02:46 Advice for TV and Film Review Channels
02:09:14 How to Make Money as a Gaming Channel
02:23:16 How this YouTuber Got 500K Subscribers
02:29:07 Do NOT Buy Ads to Grow Your Channel
02:43:55 I wonder how Many People I helped Get 100K Subscribers?
02:46:15 Big YouTubers are Different than Working-Class Creators
02:59:26 Video Editing Advice
03:04:29 How the "Subscribers" System on YouTube works
03:16:59 Advice for Doing YouTube with a Full-time Job
03:22:52 My Advice for Standing Out
03:24:37 More Monetization Advice
03:25:07 How to Level Up Your YouTube Channel
03:35:37 A Rant 03:46:57 Can You Use Other Platforms to Grow YouTube?
03:54:43 Faceless Channels are Less Stressful Source

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