How To Make AMAZING Beats — Steal These Secrets

July 11, 2022
How To Make AMAZING Beats -- Steal These Secrets 2

Want to make amazing beats faster? Learn which VSTs to use, how to flip and EQ samples, make your workflow faster and more with these amazing tips in practice. RMB Justize makes some fire beats while explaining his process for you to steal ideas from. Send us your loops:
Watch the full video: #beatstars #beatmaking #soulbeats 00:00 – Intro
00:39 – Picking a Good Sample
04:55 – Best Epiano Plugin
06:41 – Adding a Lead Melody
07:39 – Learning to Play Chords
14:41 – Finding The Keys of a Beat or Sample
21:38 – How to Sequence a Beat
32:34 – How to Transform a Loop
41:03 – Making a Loop Sound Original With Keys
46:59 – Flipping an Indian Sample
48:32 – How to EQ Samples
55:52 – Using Looperator
59:59 – How to Make Beats Faster
1:03:51 – Making Drums Sound Realer
1:03:32 – RC20 and Slowing Down Beats
1:09:12 – Best Bass VST?! Source

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