How to Make BETTER YouTube Titles with ChatGPT (FREE WORKSHOP)

July 26, 2023
How to Make BETTER YouTube Titles with ChatGPT (FREE WORKSHOP) 2

Learn How to Create YouTube Thumbnails that Get Clicks and Views with ChatGPT. This Free Workshop will teach you how to use ChatGPT for writing YouTube Titles that can get higher CTR (click-thru rates). JOIN AWESOME CREATOR ACADEMY PRO GROUP
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🚀 Keyword Research (Tubebuddy) 🎵 Music (Epidemic Sound) –
🎥 Stock Footage (Storyblocks)
📝 Closed Captions (Rev) –
🎬 Live Streaming App (Streamyard) –
👕 Make and Sell Merch (Spreadshop)
💰 Free Invoicing for Brand Deals (Creative Juice)
🔍 YouTube Optimization (VidIQ) –
🎨 Hire Freelancers and Artists (Fiverr) –
📚 Learn New Skills (Skillshare) – Want to create live streams like this? Check out StreamYard: 00:00:00 Intro
00:03:16 Advanced Prompt Engineering
00:12:15 Giving ChatGPT More Context
00:15:47 Build Prompts as Creative Briefs
00:21:54 You're Using ChatGPT Wrong
00:23:42 Entertainment Channel Example #1
00:30:13 Understand Your Audience Avatar
00:31:34 ChatGPT Title Results and Video Ideas
00:36:56 Giving ChatGPT My Revisions
00:38:43 SUPER CHATS
00:43:11 Giving ChatGPT More Revisions
00:47:54 ChatGPT Responds to My Latest Revisions
00:50:28 Why You Need to Workshop Your Ideas More
00:57:41 SUPER CHATS
01:10:38 Giving ChatGPT a Voice with Speechify
01:11:22 Education Channel Example #2
01:22:08 Understanding Your Audience
01:26:51 First Round of Revisions on the Education Content
01:30:45 More Assertive Titles
01:35:04 Second Round of Revisions
01:41:53 ChatGPT Responds to My Revisions
01:49:23 Reviewing My Revisions
01:50:04 Entertainment Channel Example #3
01:53:03 Giving ChatGPT More Context About The Content
02:00:27 Keep the Emotional Response of the Audience In Mind
02:03:44 ChatGPT Results First Round
02:06:57 Making My Revisions
02:13:44 Adding More Context
02:19:04 RANT: Is ChatGPT "Unethical"?
02:24:06 ChatGPT Responds to My Revisions
02:28:05 Reviewing the Results
02:29:07 SUPER CHATS
02:32:24 Using ChatGPT for Shorter Titles
02:35:12 Using ChatGPT for Translation? Is it decent?
02:39:02 Setting Up Example #4
02:41:40 Education Channel Example #4
02:45:17 Crafting the Audience Avatar
02:51:57 ChatGPT Results
02:54:13 Making My Revisions 03:07:07 Getting Feedback from ChatGPT
03:09:00 Getting Shorter Versions of My Titles
03:12:10 Getting Character Counts for Shorter Titles
03:18:17 Getting Final Results for My Titles
03:34:43 Work With Me Source

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