How to Make Boom Bap Beats - Beat Making 2021 -

How to Make Boom Bap Beats – Beat Making 2021

Wondering how to make boom bap beats from scratch? Here's how I make old school/boom bap type beats from scratch and with samples, how I sequence my beats, how I program my drums and more. This was from a live MEC session, live on @BeatStars Tune in for free every Thursday at 3 PM EST on My drum kit:—damn-that-hurt-3-42212 The Samples from this video: how to make boom bap beats, how to make boom bap beats in fl studio,how to make old school beats,how to make sample beats,beat making video 2021,making beats from scratch 2021,how to make boombap beats,how to make soul beats fl studio,soulful beat tutorial,beat tutorial 2021,soul beat making,making a soul sampled beat,how to make a soulful beat, boom bap beat tutorial, old school beat tutorial, making an old school beat #beattutorials #makingabeat #soulfulbeat 00:00 – Intro
01:11 – Making VSTs Sound Sampled
08:38 – Making Boom Bap Drums
12:04 – Chopping Samples
21:22 – Programming Drums
25:43 – Making Drum Fills
29:40 – Writing Basslines
35:24 – Making Drums HARDER
37:35 – Mixing Bass and Drums
40:51 – Corny Vinyl
41:37 – How to Sequence Beats Source

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