How To Make Pop Beats with Teflon Sega (Beat Making Video 2022)

September 10, 2022
How To Make Pop Beats with Teflon Sega (Beat Making Video 2022) 2

Teflon Sega shows you how he makes pop beats with a different sound, live, including recording live guitar and bass, giving away with plug-in secrets and sequencing. He also talks about turning down record deals, working with Saint JHN and releasing a song every single week. Submit Your Loops:
Get my samples: #beatstars #beatmaking #soulbeats 00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Teflon Sega Picks Out Loops
05:08 – Beat Collabs
09:28 – More Producers Should Use Logic
12:00 – Recording Basslines
18:34 – Dropping a Song Every Week
22:06 – Increasing Fans 24:37 – Recording Guitar
38:02 – Adding Synth Melodies
47:14 – Working with Saint Jhn
49:48 – Turning Down Record Deals
1:05:45 – The Burger Story Source

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