How To Make Your Own Acoustic Panels – DIY Professional Acoustic Treatment for Home Studio

June 23, 2022
How To Make Your Own Acoustic Panels - DIY Professional Acoustic Treatment for Home Studio 2

How to build your own affordable high-performance acoustic panels for a home studio or home office. This DIY professional acoustic treatment will make your recordings sound better by reducing the reverb and echo in your room and controlling background noise. The total cost per panel is about £20/$25 and weighs 5-6 kg. 0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Overview
2:00 – Building the wooden frame
4:05 – Attaching the sides
5:30 – Sealing the back
6:25 – Acoustic materials
8:56 – How to wrap the fabric
10:40 – Hanging panels on the wall
11:28 – Optional external frame
12:30 – Before and After
13:00 – Thanks for watching 🪚 Materials and Dimensions 📏 Frame: Material: 2 x 1800mm x 18mm x 34mm timber. 4 x wood screws 60mm. Final size: 120cm x 60cm planed timber frame.
Cuts: 2 x 1200mm + 2 x 530mm cuts Sides: Material: 2-3mm fibre/plyboard.
Cuts: 2 x 1200mm x 110mm 2x 600mm x 110mm Change the 110mm to whichever thickness you want. Filling: Recycled denim insulation
Hemp/wood fibre insulation
Cellulose batt Insulation Recycled foam/fabric slabs
Check the spec sheets and feel free to send a comment on this video and I'll check it out too. Fabric: I use Camira fabrics. There sell lots of suitable options and my favourite is Cara in Black (code EJ138). You can find it much cheaper from local suppliers (hence why my price is lower in the video and I made an edit!) Additional tools:
Mask and gloves for woodwork
Stapler Hand saw (or get the timber cut at the shop)
Hammer and nails are optional
Electric drill Countersink and drill bits 🌍 My Website / Contact / Hire me – 🎧 Become a member of this channel: 📱 Join My Free Discord – #DIY #acousticpanels #musicstudio Source

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