How To Promote Your Music | Music Marketing Strategies for Film Composers -

How To Promote Your Music | Music Marketing Strategies for Film Composers

In this video you’re going to learn how to promote your music, including music marketing strategies for social media, job sites, and streaming platforms.

We’ll also explore branding yourself as a musician, and how to better understand who you’re actually promoting to.

To kick us off we’ll take a look at the wrong approach to self-promotion, and clarify the actual purpose of marketing yourself as a film composer.

I’m then going to teach you how to target the right people, to understand where those people are in heir journey with you, and how to deepen your relationship with them.

I’ll then take you through the specific purposes and strategies of streaming platforms (like YouTube and Spotify), social media (like Instagram and Facebook), and the various advertising sites (like Fiverr and UpWork).

And to finish off we’ll talk about your personal brand as a composer.

Here are the timestamps:

00:00 Introduction
00:50 The wrong approach
02:07 The two purposes of marketing
02:27 Stop promoting your music to the wrong people
03:33 Understand your audience & their journey
05:02 Always consider what they want/need to see/hear
05:47 Remember the relationship
06:41 Streaming strategy
08:55 Social media strategy
10:19 Advertising yourself
12:00 Your personal brand
13:24 Recap

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