How Wiz Khalifa Became The New Generation’s Top Smoker | SRP Ep. 4

July 30, 2022
How Wiz Khalifa Became The New Generation's Top Smoker | SRP Ep. 4 2

Watch Wiz Khalifa x HipHopDX's Full Still Rolling Papers Documentary here: Subscribe to HipHopDX on Youtube for daily Hip Hop News: #WizKhalifa #TaylorGang #StillRollingPapers Still Rolling Papers is a 30-minute documentary about Wiz Khalifa’s journey from hometown hero to global superstar. It’s the story of how a crew of friends took their dreams into their own hands and built one of the most impactful movements within Hip Hop. It’s a story of resilience, self belief, taking risks and ignoring outside pressure. The doc features interviews from Chevy Woods, Curren$y Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and more as they reflect on 10+ years of Taylor Gang. Thank you to all the fans who have been a part of the journey along the way. HipHopDX Presents Still Rolling Papers Starring Wiz Khalifa and Taylor Gang Executive Produced By Wiz Khalifa, Will Dzombak, Kevin Hofman & Sharath Cherian
In Association With Atlantic Records/ Warner Music Group, SMAC Entertainment
Directed By Blair Avery (@createdbyba)
Produced By & Interviews By Jeremy Hecht ( @jeremy_hecht )
Produced By Jordan Saint-Pierre (@jordansaintpierre)
Thumbnail design by JR Martinez (@zxmbiac) Credits:
Director of Photography: Joey Koch
Sound Recording, Mix, and Master by
Fabian G. Rios
Color Correction: Nathan Girard
Special Effects & Video Art: Pax & Q Graphics & Design
Pax & Q – Intro/Outro Graphics & Lower Thirds JR Martinez – Textual Design Crew:
Los Angeles Shoots:
Joey Koch – Director of Photography
Blair Avery – First Camera
Jordan Saint-Pierre – Production Lead
Jeremy Hecht – Interviews, Research & Production
Sergio Mejia – Sound & lighting production
Kai Chu – Production Assistant Braden Walker – Additional shots and footage provided Pittsburgh Shoots:
Blair Avery – Director of Photography
Seth Welch – Lead Camera Operator
Andy Qu – Camera Operator
Brian Jones – Production Coordinator Jeremy Hecht – Interviews & Research
Shawn Painter – Production Assistant Las Vegas Shoots:
Blair Avery – Director of Photography
Braden Walker – Additional Camera
Nathan Ball – Production Coordinator Line Producers:
Elise Ricks
Ali Darwish
Nathan Ball Commissioned By Atlantic Records:
Blake Foster – Senior Vice President, Global Catalog Development & Marketing at Warner Music Group
Alvin Akintimehin – Director, Marketing, HipHop/R&B Catalog at Warner Music Group
Marsha St. Hubert – VP, Marketing at Atlantic Records
Kevin Hofman – Vice President, Content Development & Production at Warner Music Group For more of HipHopDX: #WizKhalifa #taylorgang #stillrollingpapers Source

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