HUGE Beat Leasing Problem + How Much Do You Charge? (MEC Podcast 147)

April 18, 2022
HUGE Beat Leasing Problem + How Much Do You Charge? (MEC Podcast 147) 2

If you're selling beats online, a huge problem for your online beat leasing business is false ContentID claims. Pain explains how the system hurts beat sellers and beat buyers. What's the solution to this major problem? Erinn challenges recording artists and producers alike to be more realistic about their fees after booking agents tried overcharging her for a festival. How much is YOUR art worth? And of course, we talk about NFTs. Text MEC to (844) 206-7800 to join our next live session on @BeatStars #sellingbeatsonline #beatstars #beatselling #musicbusiness #podcast 00:00 – Intro
03:06 – NFT Flops for Millions
08:48 – Erinn's Problem with NFTs
13:59 – Remember the Unreleased Wu Tang Album?
15:39 – Some NFTs Don't Seem Worth it
20:58 – Artists Charge too Much for Shows?
27:11 – Artists Overvalue or Undervalue Themselves
32:44 – How Much is Your Show Worth?
38:57 – How Much are Your Beats Worth?
44:30 – The Worst Part of Selling Beats Online
49:22 – Beat Leasing Violations
53:27 – How do we fix This??! Source

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