I Spent $2500 on Spotify Music Marketing in 2020. Here’s What Happened.

May 23, 2021
I Spent $2500 on Spotify Music Marketing in 2020. Here's What Happened. 2

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Marketing your music is a tough game. It requires lots of research and testing. But even then, it doesn’t always pay off.

In 2020, I spent $2500 testing all sorts of methods to reach an audience with my music. Some worked. Some didn’t.

This is how I spent $2500 on Spotify music marketing in 2020, and here’s what happened.

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0:00 – Intro
1:15 – How much I spent to market my music in 2020
2:55 – My streaming revenue from 2020
4:26 – How much I made from YouTube
5:27 – Calculating profit and loss
7:16 – My Spotify follower growth in 2020
9:08 – What I got wrong marketing my music in 2020
11:36 – What I got right with music marketing in 2020
13:04 – An effective Facebook ad strategy
14:00 – My music marketing strategy for 2021
15:57 – Outro

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