I Worked With Drake Before He Was Famous

January 22, 2022
I Worked With Drake Before He Was Famous 2

This rapper worked with Drake, The Weeknd, Boi1da and T-Minus before they were famous. Now he manages platinum producers who sell beats and get placements in the industry. Here Rebstar speak on what producers need to do to win and how Myspace connected him with some of the biggest superstars of today. Text MEC to (844) 206-7800 to join our next live session #sellingbeatsonline #beatstars #beatselling 00:00 – Intro
00:43 – Being a Manager AND an Artist
05:07 – Hit Single With Trey Songz
10:25 – Working With Drake, T-Minus and Boi1da
13:50 – Working With The Weeknd
17:58 – The Weeknd Just Wanted to Write Songs
23:19 – Why The Weeknd is a Superstar
24:56 – Why Artists Fall Off
30:26 – Producers Have an Advantage
32:04 – Making a Song With Drake
37:05 – Managing Producers
46:40 – What Producers Should do to Grow
50:58 – How Producers Get a Manager Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEL6Nrep7kM

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