Industry Producers are Gatekeeping

May 1, 2023
Industry Producers are Gatekeeping 2

Industry producers are gatekeeping opportunities from smaller producers? Are rappers being blocked from opportunities as well? Let's talk gatekeeping, how Pain and Erinn have been victims of gatekeeping and have gatekept opportunities from others and why. #sellingbeatsonline #beatstars #beatselling #musicbusiness #podcast 00:00 – MEC Split Up?
01:56 – What is Gatekeeping
07:17 – Gatekeepers Can't Stop You
09:08 – Erinn is Threatening
12:04 – Producers Are Gatekeeping
13:06 – Gatekeeping is Good
15:38 – Erinn Had to Gatekeep
21:28 – I Won't Sell Beats for You
25:50 – Pay These People
28:27 – Pain Makes Producers Angry
34:03 – Artists Are a Dime a Dozen
37:10 – AI is Stupid
40:29 – Ghostwriter is an Industry Person
46:14 – Fake Metro Boomin Beat Source

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