Inside Look at the Marketing of Lil Nas X - Music Marketing -

Inside Look at the Marketing of Lil Nas X – Music Marketing


Marketing of Lil Nas X – Inside Look at his Music Marketing

• Because of the internet – You can do it without the labels…But you must find a way to supplement what the labels provided – connections, distribution, finances, and a team

• Internet solves distribution and marketing expenses

• Spending too much time/money in the studio

• Not enough time/money on marketing

• Decides to drop out of college and pursue music (single mindedness of purpose)

• Didn’t create much music at all but decided to stay on chosen platforms as many hours a day as humanly possible creating meme’s and making friends (plan was to build a following then promote music – not build a following of his music) Create on another level other than music

• He built up something like 30k followers on Twitter and it still wasn’t working. He said, “I’d post a funny meme and get 2,000 retweets. Then I’d post a song and get 10.”

• He pivoted. His audience loved meme’s. So, he gave them memes with his music instead of “song links”.

• He said, “It had to be short. It had to be catchy. It had to be funny.” Demonstrating he knew to appeal to a short attention span, a hook, and the fact his audience came for the humor. He built them with meme’s, something he understood and enjoyed.

• The marriage of music and memes was Old Town Road. December 2nd, 2018, he posted the song on a meme of a cowboy dancing and it gained a lot of traction.

• If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Double down on what’s working.

• He continued making short, viral, funny videos with his song attached. Planting over 100 different memes for “Old Town Road” on 3 platforms over several months.

• He linked the “full song” below for those curious. The streams were exploding.

• Realizing there was a whole different audience on TikTok who enjoyed music and humor he realized the success found on Twitter could be duplicated on TikTok. (where is the attention, scaling, knowing your demographic)

• Made it on to Billboards (and Soundcloud) country music charts. He listed it there knowing there was less competition. (Best move yet imo) (Tumblr, Reddit, where else) Would you rather be #3 on a platform with 8 million or #30,000 on a platform with 800 million?

• Collabs – Pulling from other artists fan base

• Remixes count toward chart ranking.

• Listened to his audience. He quickly caught on that people were asking what the song was (failing to find the full link).

• So he changed the song title on all platforms he could to include the catchiest lyric from the viral videos. This is good SEO

• He utilized a subreddit on Reddit, where people searched for names of songs………once again realizing there was less competition and could rank easily in Google.

• “The song benefited from key mass exposure events. In Hit Makers, Derek Thompson coined the term “dark broadcasts” for these unseen moments of mass exposure that are often the true cause of viral hits.” – Brian Williamson is a Strategy Director at Critical Mass

• Marketing principles are timeless but there’s no “cookie-cutter process” you can mimic. What worked for him won’t work for you. You have to be creative and know your audience.

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