Kevin Gates Takes Us On A Spiritual JOURNEY Through His Mind

June 28, 2022
Kevin Gates Takes Us On A Spiritual JOURNEY Through His Mind 2

Kevin Gates talks about life, love, music, spirituality, rebirth and more in our latest interview. Enjoy this one! Timecodes –
0:00 – Kevin Gates Interview
0:20 – Intro to Kevin Gates
0:45 – Why Kevin Gates doesn’t take pictures with fans
1:20 – Kevin Gates talks about speaking truth and listening to the body
2:00 – Kevin Gates speaks about listening to his intuition
3:00 – learning lessons and turning them into laws
3:20 – Kevin Gates talks about the latest lesson he’s learned
3:30 – Kevin Gates talks about self love
4:00 – Kevin Gates talks about embracing his greatness and his purpose
4:30 – Kevin Gates talks about this being his last life
4:45 – Kevin Gates talks about his past life
4:45 – Kevin Gates sings #1
5:20 – Kevin Gates says he was a leader and emperor in a past life
6:50 – Kevin Gates talks about technological advances
7:10 – Where does Kevin Gates take his melodies from?
7:45 – Why Kevin Gates used to do drugs and what stopped him
8:15 – Kevin Gates talks about his first time meditating through martial arts
9:40 – Kevin Gates talks about believing in something larger than himself
10:20 – Kevin Gates talks about embracing the darkness and feeling things out
11:00 – The darkness and lights flickering
11:20 – Kevin Gates and the poem that changed his perspective
12:00 – why are the poor people the most happy
12:30 – why we always want the next thing
14:30 – everything in nature being connected
15:00 – why do all fruit look like sex organs?
15:40 – “after chaos there is always opportunity”
16:00 – why is Kevin Gates portrayed
16:20 – when people say negative things, it’s a reflection on them
16:30 – Kevin Gates talks about Yoga and working out
17:11 – Kevin Gates raps “who says the shit that I’m saying”
17:30 – the realest verse he’s ever written
18:50 – “the best actors get the best parts”
19:00 – “if I was a bum on the street, I would get the realest thing out of them
19:00 – Kevin Gates talks about religion
22:00 – Kevin Gates talks about God, the devil, tattoos and music
23:00 – you never know who your blessing is going to come through
24:00 – Kevin Gates talks about his Jewish family
24:30 – Kevin Gates talks about his family lineage to Jesus
25:00 – Kevin Gates talks about religions
27:00 – why prison was the greatest blessing for Kevin Gates
27:15 – how Kevin Gates comes up with his melodies
27:40 – how Kevin Gates deals with haters
28:00 – Kevin Gates raps #3 29:00 – Kevin Gates talks about his Uproxx exclusive performance
29:42 – feeling energy
30:40 – after life and positive energy
31:00 – life after death
33:00 – making room for new blessings
33:45 – what does love mean to Kevin Gates
35:00 – Kevin Gates dream job besides rap
36:00 – why Kevin Gates doesn’t care about album sales
36:15 – Kevin Gates almost retired from raps again #4
37:00 – Kevin Gates on spending time in nature
38:20 – “I’m not a tree hugger but I hug trees”
38:00 – Kevin Gates talks about buddhism
39:10 – Kevin Gates talks about the Navy Seals
39:00 – Kevin Gates wants to do Navy Seal training
40:00 – kevin gates immortal jellyfish and being reborn
41:00 – never losing your inner child
41:45 – “everything has its place in life”
42:00 – Lion King
42:30 – Kevin Gates speaks about Kendrick Lamar
43:20 – Kevin Gates speaks about beef
44:00 – why Kevin Gates jewelry is so important to him
46:50 – here’s why Kevin Gates hates bullies
47:50 – Kevin Gates on meeting “The Fonz”
48:00 – Kevin Gates on Adele and crying to Hello
49:30 – Kevin Gates sings IRIS
50:00 – John Mayer needs to clear this sample for Kevin Gates
51:00 – Kevin Gates favorite song of his
51:20 – Kevin Gates raps #5
54:20 – Kevin Gates talks about going skydiving & facing fears
56:20 – Kevin Gates recalls his first perfo rmance
57:40 – Kevin Gates still gets nervous before he goes on stage
59:00 – Kevin Gates talks about dreams
59:30 – Kevin Gates reflects on Nipsey Hussle
103:40 – “the people that the industry says are f*cked up, they call to check on me the most”
1:05:00 – who is Kevin Gates
1:05:00 – Kevin Gates about Christ consciousness and ego death
1:06:00 – Kevin Gates explains what toxic masculinity is and balance
1:08:00 – “it takes more courage to be vulnerable than it does to be tough, I hope I answered your question” 1:09:00 – Kevin Gates delivers a powerful prayer for the world
1:11:00 – everything is balanced without us
1:12:00 – Kevin Gates reflects on his past
1:14:00 – why Kevin Gates likes The Joker
1:14:00 – Kevin Gates on attempting to take his life
1:16:00 – Travis Barker and Kevin Gates relationship
1:17:00 – Kevin Gates on hanging with The Cartel
1:19:00 – Kevin Gates on having a livestock license Research & Interview Conducted By: Jeremy Hecht (@jeremy_hecht)
Video Edit By: Sage Velastegui
Executive Producer: Sharath Cherian Subscribe to HipHopDX on Youtube for daily Hip Hop News: #kevingates #hiphopdx #spirituality Source

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