Make Your Audio Sound Better - iZotope RX8 Giveaway -

Make Your Audio Sound Better – iZotope RX8 Giveaway

In this video, I show you how to improve the sound quality of your recordings.
Sometimes a recording is ruined by amplifier noise, wind noise, annoying mouth clicks or too much echo and reverb. In this video I'll show you which tools I have been using for a few years to fix these problems – iZotope RX8. Please use headphones 🙂 0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – The Interface
2:50 – Fixing noisy guitar amp
5:30 – Cleaning up wind noise 6:38 – Wind before and after
7:15 – Giveaway
8:20 – Removing microphone handling noise
12:10 – Removing mouth clicks and noises
15:35 – Thanks for watching Giveaway Results – Source

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