Making Beats is Just a Popularity Contest

May 22, 2023
Making Beats is Just a Popularity Contest 2

Making beats is just a popularity contest where the most visible producers get all the opportunities and the only beats that sell are the ones that sound like hits already… is this a bad thing? Let's discuss. Also, Billboard is reporting fewer long-lasting hits. Why is this? Let's examine the data and see. Lastly, we discuss why money can't make a music career. Subscribe to TheErinnAffect on YouTube! #sellingbeatsonline #beatstars #beatselling #2023 #howtosellbeats 00:00 – Intro
02:43 – Hit Songs Aren't Lasting
06:54 – How Erinn Lost $22k
16:08 – Music is a Bad Investment
17:15 – Trash Music Won't Sell
23:34 – Music is STILL Selling Though
27:31 – TikTok is Tricking Us
31:25 – If You're Late, You Hate
33:19 – Why Artists Are Failing Now
36:39 – All Beats Sound the Same
37:41 – Making Beats is a Popularity Contest
40:02 – It Used to be About Talent
41:11 – Great Artists Have Chased Popularity
48:20 – Erinn's New YouTube Channel Selling beats online 2023 Source

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