“Mask Off” (beat with hook) | Type Beat With Hook [Trap/Rap]

May 27, 2021
"Mask Off" (beat with hook) | Type Beat With Hook [Trap/Rap] 2

“Mask Off” is a dark beat with hook. Travis Scott or 6lack style!

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🗊Hook/Chorus lyrics:
They’re tryna get to know me
Don’t know if I want them to
What are you hiding from me
These secrets I got m too

I know and wish you well
Im not the type to kiss & tell
But you got the vibes that I asked for
You got me taking my mask off

You got me taking my mask off (x2)

-Beat Description:

For “Mask Off” I tried to blend the sounds often used by Travis Scott & 6Lack. The result is a dark type beat with hook with a trap leaning sound.
The chorus is all about trap love. Find enough comfort to get out of your shall and take your “mask off”.

Thank you for listening!

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Tempo: 83bpm
Key: Cmin
DAW: Cubase 10

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“Mask Off” (6LackType Beat With Hook – Dark Type Beat With Hook [2021]

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