Music Marketing Does NOT Work!

May 21, 2021
Music Marketing Does NOT Work! 2

Music marketing doesn’t work…

I hear it all the time.

But the issue is not with “marketing”, it’s with YOU!

Understanding marketing is not simple, it’s an ever-changing world on and offline.

One thing stays consistent though. People care about what you can do for them, not about YOU!

Music marketing is no different, before you decide to market your music make sure you have multiple marketing campaigns in mind, keep it entertaining, informative or inspirational.

Remember; 5-12 touches, STAY CONSISTENT! Make sure you have a budget that can be spread out over many months, not just a couple days (the algorithms can’t even learn enough about your target market to do anything for you).

Play the long game and keep innovating your marketing and branding and you’ll crush it!

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