New Beat Site Pays Producers In 9 Different Ways 🎹

November 12, 2022
New Beat Site Pays Producers In 9 Different Ways 🎹 2

I want you to check out this beat site behind me that pays producers in nine different ways. If you are selling beats online try using this website today. 🎹Sell Beats Here 👉
💻 Sub My Channel 👉: The first way you can get paid is when a customer buys your beats, you get 100% commission way is when your customer buys a beat from another music producer, you get 30%. 3rd way is when a beat is sold on the buy beats dot com marketplace, you get 60%. 4th way is when your customer monthly subscription commission, you get 40% that's for producers. You sign up plus affiliate description commissions. So if they also set up, sign up affiliates and producers, you also get 10% of that. You also get 100% when you're pro store customer buys a beat 30% when you're pro store sells another producer at 20%. When you're referred customer, the pro store sells a beat. The way you get 50% when you beat sells in another pro store, you just go to try by beats dot com today and get started.▪ #sellbeats #beats #sellingbeats Source

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