Nick Launay: My 5 Must-Have Plug Ins

May 21, 2021
Nick Launay: My 5 Must-Have Plug Ins 2

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0:24 Soundtoys Devil-Loc
4:40 Protools Stock Plugin EQ3
10:15 Soundtoys EchoBoy Jr
14:34 All UAD Plugins
16:43 Soundtoys Little Alterboy Nick Launay joined us to share his 5 Must-Have Plug Ins! Soundtoys Devil-Loc Simple, devious and often unpredictable, Devil-Loc is a little plug-in that makes drums sound big. Drop it on a drum kit or loop and listen to Devil-Loc inflate the room ambience, pumping excitement into an otherwise drab rhythm track. Push it to its limits to create extreme gating effects where loud hits crush the signal to silence and the output blooms into a fuzzy mess. Some of the best music production techniques are based on twisting and abusing old technology, and Devil-Loc comes straight out of that tradition. Its inspiration comes from an old podium mic compressor called the Level-Loc. Protools Stock Plugin EQ3 EQ III is available in 1-band, 4-band, and 7-band configurations for optimized CPU/DSP efficiency. In addition to the plugin’s fully parametric design, EQ III includes selectable shelving filters and settings as well as separate high-pass, low-pass, and variable Q notch filters. The plugin’s intuitive interface features a fully interactive frequency graph that enables you to view and adjust individual EQ bands and filters from within the display. Soundtoys EchoBoy Jr Based on the EchoBoy delay plug-in, EchoBoy Jr. has the same sonic character and some distinct features of its own. Soundtoys have packed the quality, utility and flexibility that pros love about the original best-selling EchoBoy into a single creative tool designed for ease and simplicity. Behind a streamlined set of controls are seven of the most desirable and iconic echo emulations of all time. All UAD Plugins From project studios to multi-platinum mix engineers, UAD Powered Plug-Ins have been the choice of audio professionals for over 15 years with their stunning analog sound. The UAD library features more than 100 plug‑ins, co‑created with the most iconic brands in audio. Developed by UA’s world‑renowned team of DSP engineers, UAD plug‑ins set the standard by which all other audio plug‑ins are judged. Soundtoys Little Alterboy Soundtoys Little AlterBoy plug-in gives you powerful pitch- and formant-shifting effects with a simple interface. Use it to fine-tune a vocal, create subtle or extreme formant effects, or even create hard-tuned robot effects. You can also use it as a vocoder, playing vocal melodies with your MIDI controller or sequencer. And with the Drive control, you’ll be able to add richness and bite to help vocals sit just right in your mix. For quick tune-ups or drastic pitch effects, the Soundtoys Little AlterBoy plug in is highly recommended. ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
➡️Waves MV2:
➡️Waves RBass:
➡️Renaissance Vox:
➡️Renaissance Compressor:
➡️Warren Huart IR Pack
➡️Warren Huart Kemper Pack ❤️GEAR:
➡️Stealth Sonics:
➡️UK Sound 1173:
➡️Apollo x16:
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