Nick Launay: One Of The World’s Most In-Demand Record Producers

May 25, 2021
Nick Launay: One Of The World's Most In-Demand Record Producers 2

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➡️➡️Watch 'Nick Launay: My 5 Must-Have Plug Ins' here: Nick Cave, Johnny Lydon, Lou Reed, Kate Bush, Michael Hutchence, David Byrne are just a few of these obsessive artists that producer, engineer and mixer extraordinaire Nick Launay has worked with during his long career, resulting in classic music by them and bands like The Birthday Party, Public Image Ltd, Killing Joke, Midnight Oil, Talking Heads, Arcade Fire, INXS, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and many more. While the musical genres involved are diverse, what ties all this music and his working methods together, says Launay, is a focus on feeling and emotion. “I know a lot of technical stuff about how to make records, and about choices of microphone and microphone positioning, and preamps, and effects, and so on, but what has really allowed me stand out over the years, and kept me consistently in work over the years, is the love and passion for the mood and the rebellion of music.” Launay’s analogue-digital hybrid approach is similar to that of many of his colleagues who started their careers at a similar time. For 15 years this century he had exclusive usage of a top of the range analogue studio in LA called Seedy Underbelly, and finished his mixes there in digital. After the owner of the studio sadly passed away about five years ago, Launay built his own home studio where he settled on a new a variation of his former best-of-both-worlds approach… “My setup is very simple: I have a Pro Tools system with lots of plugins, an Avid Omni 4-in 4-out soundcard, a Bock 507 microphone, and Neve 1081 mic pre and Tube-Tech CL-1B compressor. My speakers are older Adam P22s. I think they are incredible. They have great mid-range, so are really good for rock music, but actually, they are good for anything. I have six pairs: in Australia, London, and four pairs in this room. I keep blowing them up, because I use them so much and I play them loudly! They are not big speakers, so usually the low-end speaker blows, and the only way to replace them is to buy another pair. I am always looking on eBay for a pairs!” “So I do the best I can within the digital world to get that analogue sound. Once I finished my mixes, I take my Pro Tools session back to a proper analogue studio, like Sunset Sound, or Sphere, and I send everything through a desk, with EAR compressors on the stereo bus. The EAR compressors are made by Tim de Paravicini, and they’re hard to find and extremely expensive, like £12.000 each, so you’d need $24.000 for a stereo bus. I find that sending the mix through the EAR compressors makes a massive difference. Recently I’ve also used the Kush Audio Clariphonic EQ on the stereo bus, which really is something, and opens the sound up even more, and adding more depth and feel. Once again, what’s important is the way music makes people feel. My focus has never been on what’s fashionable, or what’s being played on the radio. What matters is how music touches people.” ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
➡️Waves MV2:
➡️Waves RBass:
➡️Renaissance Vox:
➡️Renaissance Compressor:
➡️Warren Huart IR Pack
➡️Warren Huart Kemper Pack ❤️GEAR:
➡️Stealth Sonics:
➡️UK Sound 1173:
➡️Apollo x16:
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