One Hack For Faster Mixes

January 13, 2022
One Hack For Faster Mixes 2

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➡️➡️Check out some of Warren's Favourite Gear here: Our new and incredibly talented content creator, Mel Torres, is joining us today to share his one trick to save time when mixing! This trick works in any DAW, and is a consistent way to achieve mixes that involve the same instruments across multiple songs. Some DAW’s have template builders that allow you to do this but they don’t always work 1:1 like this trick. Recently, Nashville mixer Billy Decker has made this trick popular in his course Template Mixing With Billy Decker. In this course he also goes through a bunch of his other tricks to create professional sounding mixes, faster. You are going to take a completed mix that you’re happy with and has all the base points you’re looking for. The one thing you’re going to have to keep in mind for this trick, is that you have to have your mix organized and everything clearly labelled. Step 1: Take your original mix and load it in your DAW. Step 2: Create a “Save As” and name it something relevant to your new mix. Step 3: Delete all the music content in your new “Saved As” project Step 4: Replace all tracks with the corresponding files from the new session Take and replace the old performances with a completely different song Place the new take to the corresponding instruments in the new mix Step 5: Make sure your project tempo in consistent with your new song ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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