Ovrkast. “TBH” [Live](Directed by Dakota Lim)

April 24, 2023
Ovrkast. "TBH" [Live](Directed by Dakota Lim) 2

Directed by Dakota Lim Stream "TBH!" by Ovrkast.: https://too.fm/ynwpkwe Ovrkast.:
IG @ovrkast
TikTok @ovrkast_
Twitter @ovrkast)  Lyrics: 
To be honest, 
I don’t know how I’m feeling inside, 
I don’t  know if I get it or why, 
I don’t know if I’m really the guy, 
I just owe all my feelings a break
I just know all my feelings could cry
I just know that I really could die if i put all my faith in a digital mind
I could post that I’m dead and niggas would know but they wouldn’t feel pity inside, 
or maybe they would I’m tripping, no, wait I’m good I’m tripping 
Imma stay for the food then I’m dipping,
Imma talk to yo granny and leave 
I was mixing the proof in the pudding and panicking how did I manage to be, here But I gotta go get it
But I gotta get it aye
But I gotta go feel it 
But I gotta go get it I guess Read more on Genius: https://genius.com/a/ovrkast-performs-tbh-live Dakota Lim – director (@dakatuh)Andrew Bearford – drums (@andrewbearford)Hokage Simon – keys (@hokagesimon) #Ovrkasttypebeat #ovrkast #tbh #liveperformance #live Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8N1bcjJIec

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