Prepare for the future of Music Marketing —2025 -

Prepare for the future of Music Marketing —2025

Prepare for the Future of Music Marketing discusses where marketing is going in the future and how you can prepare. Next video:

In this video, @Bobby Borg speaks with USC Professor Dr Morten Bay about:

0:51 Context for the future of marketing
1:21 Social Media Relationships is the future of marketing
3:54 Artificial Intelligence is the future of music marketing
7:39 Metadata is the future of music marketing

By understanding the future you can prepare for the future. So Prepare now!


🎓WHO? Bobby Borg is a former major label, indie, and DIY recording and touring musician (with the rock groups Beggars & Thieves, Left For Dead, and Warrant) 💯, the author of several music business books (Music Marketing For The DIY Musician and Business Basics For Musicians📕, and a professor of music industry studies (at USC Thornton School of Music)🏫. Bobby Borg holds several degrees in music, marketing, and communications from Berklee College of Music, UCLA and USC 🎓. Borg is available for one-to-one consultations via

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