Producers Charge Too Much For Beats (MEC Podcast 158)

July 4, 2022
Producers Charge Too Much For Beats (MEC Podcast 158) 2

Do producers charge too much for beats? Whether they're selling beats online or trying for major placements, are beats unaffordable in 2022? Bobby Shmurda's recent rant about beat prices has only fueled this ongoing conversation. Also, do artists and producers have an obligation to work together "for the love" at any point? We discuss this and more. Get my soul samples here: #sellingbeatsonline #bobbyshmurda #beatselling #typebeats 00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Dame is Sick, Erinn's Going to Maine
05:56 – Producers Charge Too Much For Beats?
06:45 – Indie Labels Pay Less For Beats
16:09 – Producers, Know Your Worth
21:58 – Beats Are Too Expensive
24:06 – Making Beats for Free
28:00 – Artists Are Entitled
31:04 – Producers and Artists Should Work for 50/50
33:15 – Artists Who Are Lazy
37:43 – No Free Beats?!
42:35 – Beats Are Cheap AF
49:39 – Bobby Shmurda's Beat Budget Source

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