Producers Made Bobby Shmurda Angry (MEC Podcast 157)

June 27, 2022
Producers Made Bobby Shmurda Angry (MEC Podcast 157) 2

Producers selling beats to Bobby Shmurda are holding up the project. Why are producer collaborations causing problems? Should Bobby Shmurda pay thousands for beats? We discuss. Russ recently gave advice to artists, but is it going to be taken the right way? We debate and eventually agree. Get my soul samples here: #sellingbeatsonline #bobbyshmurda #beatselling #russ 00:00 – Intro
02:38 – Producers Made Bobby Shmurda Mad
05:12 – Don't Use Loops Before Watching This
08:20 – Why Bobby Shmurda Can't Afford Expensive Beats
10:37 – Big Producers Don't Always Get Paid
11:40 – Producers Take Advantage of Artists?
16:45 – Rappers Buy Chains But Can't Buy Beats?
23:02 – Russ' Advice is Good or Bad?
24:26 – Erinn Agrees with Russ
30:19 – Dame Disagrees with Russ
37:28 – Pain Weighs In
46:39 – Dame on Running a Label Source

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