Rap Beat 🎤 W/ Hook – “WHAT’S IN YOUR HEART” Smooth Heartfelt Hip Hop W/ Female Vox – SinimaBeats.com

October 16, 2023
Rap Beat 🎤 W/ Hook - "WHAT'S IN YOUR HEART" Smooth Heartfelt Hip Hop W/ Female Vox - SinimaBeats.com 2

“What’s in Your Heart” is a soulful and uplifting rap instrumental that features a blend of musical instruments such as a piano, acoustic guitar, sweet female vocals, an east coast style drum pattern, and sub bass 🎹🎶🎸. The track is produced by SINIMA BEATS and is perfect for rappers looking for a beat that is both inspiring and motivational. Download this royalty-free beat today and start creating your next hit song!" Download Rap Beats: https://sinimabeats.com Like 👍🏻, Subscribe Now 📺, and hit the Bell 🔔 to get notified as soon as a new beat drops: https://youtube.com/@sinimabeats LYRICS:
What's in your heart?
What's on your mind?
I see it in your eyes
What's in your heart?
What's on your mind?
This is alright SONG ARRANGEMENT
Chorus/Intro 00:00
Verse One 00:23
Chorus 01:12
Verse Two 01:37
Chorus 02:27
Bridge 02:51
Chorus 03:15
Outro 03:40 Hear more Hip Hop Beats: https://sinimabeats.com/collections/hip-hop-beats Hear more Beats with Hooks: https://sinimabeats.com/collections/beats-with-hooks Hear more Pop Beats: https://sinimabeats.com/collections/pop-beats What's in Your Heart Instrumental with Hook Produced by Sinima Beats
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