“Regardless” (Beat W Hook) 💔 | Rap Trap Beat With Hook [2021]

June 13, 2021
"Regardless" (Beat W Hook) 💔 | Rap Trap Beat With Hook [2021] 2

💔 “Regardless” is an trap beat with hook. Travis Scott ft Drake style.

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🖊️Beat Description:

“Regardless” is a Travis Scott or Drake type beat with hook. This instrumental with hook has a dark and sad vibe
and probably works great for artists & rappers with a similar type of sound.

Collab with: Kevin Hues
IG: https://www.instagram.com/kevinhues/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7sZlgkxeqXfcsa1ytuGXyt?si=jVJq4G-RQBeOrkL0t_20wA

🗊Hook lyrics:
You pushed me to the edge now Im falling
Now Im right back where I started
I knew that it would end like this regardless, regardless

Pushed me to the edge cause I let you get the best of me
Now Im back where I started
But I knew that it would end like this regardless, regardless.


Tempo: 75bpm

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“Regardless” (Drake type beat with hook – dark / sad trap beat with hook [2021]

“Regardless” (Beat W Hook) 💔 | Trap Type Beat With Hook

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