“Regrets” With Hook (pt 2) | Sad Beat With Hook [FREE]

June 20, 2021
"Regrets" With Hook (pt 2) | Sad Beat With Hook [FREE] 2

“Regrets” (pt2) is a sad rap beat with hook. NF x Eminem style!

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🗊Hook lyrics:

All I have is all of my regrets
Im holding on to all of my tears and all of my secrets
Yeah I shouldve told you everything but I kept it all inside
Now all I have is all of my secrets…here with me tonight

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🖊️Beat Description:

“Regrets” with hook pt1 was a success. The video did well and I had many positive reactions. I have been trying to do a pt2 for some time now but couldn’t find the right combination of instruments and sounds to create something I liked. Anyway, it’s here now. The best part? You can download this rap beat with hook free of charge! Please the the link above. Like what you hear? Subscribe for more beats with hooks.


Tempo: 72bpm
Key: Gmin
DAW: Cubase 11

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“Regrets” pt2 (Eminem type Beat With Hook | FREE Rap Beat With Hook [2021]

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